Our Services

  • Mediation. Mr. Meyers is a certified mediator in both commercial matters and family law cases and he has been mediating cases since 2006. We offer mediation services to clients in Payne, Logan, and surrounding counties.

  • Real Estate Transactions. The firm provides title opinions for purchasers and lenders as well as oil and gas title opinions, quiet title cases, title curative matters and transactional matters.

  • Estate Planning. We offer estate planning services including preparation of Last Will and Testament, Advanced Directive to Physician, Durable Powers of Attorney, Guardianship and Conservatorships as well as representation in Probate and Estate Administration matters.

  • Trial Practice. We represent clients in a wide range of criminal and civil trial matters.

Please contact the office at (405) 743-3770 or if you would like to schedule an appointment.